You are in control

with TAFI

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Easiest Way to Keep Your Internet Safe!

TAFI helps you to organize and manage all of your home’s connected devices and its Internet access
via mobile application. TAFI, parental controlling device designed and developed by Turkish
engineers, gives you the opportunity to turn it on/off your Internet with a single click, set time and
usage limits, restrict access to harmful websites, and get rid of malware software or viruses online.

Choose What You Will Encounter.

TAFI opens you the door of safe and sound Internet access with the feature of controlling the contents for your Wi-Fi connected devices; helps you to get out of advertisements, bullying, abuse, explicit content and identity thief cases happening in the virtual world.

Set Your Limits

Do not worry about your Internet content anymore. With user-specific settings, you will make sure your Internet connection is safe and filtered against undesired websites or applications.

Get Your Family Together

You may cut your Internet access out if you would like. Have a great dinner with your family, get together with your colleagues, have chat without the distraction caused by habits of the Internet.

Time for Homework

Setting time limits through your TAFI mobile application, will help you to focus on things you want to work on and be able users to avoid spending too much time online.


You are all set for the regular sleep that every child needs. No more late night surfing on Internet. The only thing you have got to do is turning of the Internet access from TAFI mobile application.

Evaluate Reports

You may observe your kids’ internet habits and see what they are exposed in the virtual world by looking at the reports.

Domestic Technology, National Product

Our engineers designed TAFI considering traditions and culture based customs so that you may be comfortable while using TAFI as your Internet controlling system. The design and development of the device has been achieved as a result of the work of a 100% domestic R & D department.


As a Plug and Play Device TAFI

Compare to other Internet security solutions, TAFI does not require a complicated in great detail setup. Plug in the power cord and you are all set.


Mobile Management Interface

In order to download the mobile application for your both iOS and Android devices, type “Tafi Aile Filtresi” words on the search bar from your application store. Interface for the application is designated for you to use it comfortably.



With the ability to apply different filters for each family member, you may manage user specific Internet access as you wish.


One Time Installation for The Whole House

You do not have to deal with every different device connected to your Internet Network separately. Only for administrator device, you need to download the mobile application “TafiSafe” and start managing your Wi-Fi after all.

Internet access can be shut down with a single click.

Select the days and the time frames that users will be able to have access to Internet.

Define the undesired websites and filter as you wish.

Keep eye on the reports and know what is going in your network.

You can select our categorized filter options for your needs.

Ev İnternetinize sonradan dahil olan cihazlar için profil oluşturmaksızın varsayılan filtreleme uygulanır

Current Situation in Internet Usage

We are encountered with adverse situations due to uncontrolled use of the Internet, such as ads, harassment, obscene content and personal information.
The rate of Internet activities young people hides from their families 0
The percentage of accidentally involved explicit content on the Internet 0
The rate of participation in Internet activities that parents do not approve 0